Ice-cream is eaten all year round, and it is loved by everyone from children to adults. Therefore starting an ice-cream company is extremely profitable. You will need a few things in terms of machinery to start the business and locating the best ice cream maker is one of them, it won’t take too much work. A simple Google search will pull up a number of options; you will then need to make the decision as to which one you are going to choose. Once you have your equipment, you will then need to find a location. Here are some ideas to assist you in starting your business.


Franchise or your own store

In terms of a location, you can either start your own shop, or you can purchase a franchise. A franchise is conducting business on behalf of an already established organization, but because you own the franchise, you are entitled to all of the profit. There are several benefits to buying a franchise, if you have the capital this can be a very wise idea. The franchisee will provide you with everything that you need in terms of a marketing strategy, and since the business is already established and people are already familiar with the brand, you will have a readymade client base. If you only have minimal funds available, opening your own store will be the best option for you.

Small business loan

You can apply for a small business loan. To do so, you will need a business plan; you won’t get a loan without one. Lenders want to see not only how you intend on paying their money back, but also if the business is financially viable, and actually worth investing their money in.


Owning an ice-cream store falls under the restaurant category. Therefore, you will need a permit to do so. Each state has a unique set of licensing laws; therefore you will need to check your state requirements before going ahead.


It would be a good idea to speak to people who actually own an ice-cream business. This can provide you with some inside information as to how to run your company. You may want to take it a step further and work in one before you start your own business.

Once you have gathered all the information that you will need, find a location for your business. You should spend time researching the areas that you are interested in. There is no point in opening a store in an area where there is minimal traffic in terms of people. The best locations are places like shopping centers, airports, locations near parks and boardwalks.



Apart from the best ice cream maker you will need a range equipment to start your business. You will need items such as a freezer, a soft serve machine, tables and chairs. You will need to create your own unique menu. You will also need to choose an ice-cream vendor. There are several vendors to choose from so be sure to compare prices and services before making a final decision.


Regardless of how many ice-cream stores there are in your area, you will need to stand out from the crowd if you want your business to be a success. Provide your customers with something that they won’t be able to resist. Some ideas include, having a unique recipe that is not sold in any other store. A time of day where customers get discount prices on all products. Kids eat free, or a buy one get one free service. Whatever you choose, make sure it is unique to you so that you stand out from the crowd.

According to statistics, 90 percent of start up businesses fails within the first year. If you don’t want to be a part of that statistic, you will need to work hard on your business. Don’t just dive into it with your eyes closed; find out what it takes to run a business successfully. If necessary, take a business management course.


Final thought

Don’t give up when you see the first sign of trouble, no matter what you do in life there are always going to be hurdles that you are going to have to overcome. When you encounter a problem, look for a solution. Even if it doesn’t work, keep trying until the problem is resolved.

You now have some basic information about setting up your own ice-cream business. There is no time like the present, start making strides towards your destiny now.

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