Our entertainment modules represents the innovative product of years of perfection, and it enables us to provide you with the best wireless and online entertainment available on the market, as it consist of a pool of ready made, tested and highly optimized modules that can be put together fast and cost efficiently.

These modules are what is showcased in our Minatrix online game community.

Minatrix is

  • Community and networking technology
  • Multiplayer, two player and single player support
  • Ranking and highscore systems
  • Sophisticated tournament system
  • Chat andĀ audio communication

Our modules are based on Java, and they are therefore 100% platform independent. We have especially optimized versions of our modules for J2ME (wireless devices) as well.

For more on Minatrix and our modular technology concept, see the showcase and Minatrixwhitepaper.


3D engine module

Our base of technology modules covers many areas, and one of the most interesting is our 3D engine written 100% in pure Java.

Our sophisticated Plutonium 3D engine is used in many of our products, and it is one of the core technology modules for our games. It is extremely flexible and also easy to use, and as it is written in pure Java it is also completely platform independent.

The 3D engine uses a highly compressed 3D format well suited for online use. Virtually any existing 3D format can be converted to this format using our conversion tools, giving artists great freedom in choice of 3D tools.

The engine is available for licensing on a stand-alone basis.

For a showcase of some of our other technology modules, have a look at the Powerpoint presentation of our new 3D racing game.

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