The showcase describes our online gaming community, Minatrix, and samples of the wireless and online games we have produced.

Our crew has received numerous awards and outstanding reviews for our games and technology, and ten thousands of people are playing them every day.



Minatrix online game community

Minatrix is an advanced yet easy to use gaming community for our online games.  Currently it has around 150.000 members with 500-1000 new registered members every day. Each user spends in average half an hour in the community! These results were achieved with no marketing efforts at all.

The Minatrix community gives added value to games by offering the user an enhanced gaming experience unique to the online and wireless world.  Every game that we produce may operate independently, or inside the Minatrix community.

For the end-user, Minatrix adds tournaments, chatrooms, highscore tables, a rating system, multimedia communication capabilities, and internal e-mail.  

Minatrix also adds a user database, usage statistics, easy database integration, and customization options such look-and-feel, multi-language user interface, and more.

The Minatrix community showed an explosive growth right from the start
The different colors shows the usage of the various games

For more information, have a look at the Minatrix whitepaper .

Entertainment Technology

Please download a Powerpoint presentation of our latest game, Castrol Racing 3D. This presentation will explain details about how the game is produced using many cutting edge modules.

The game is used for nation wide competitions arranged by the popular Norwegian radio station Radio 1. Sponsors like Castrol and Toyota funded the game, and in return they gain massive exposure for their brand.


A selection of our customers include Motorola, Nokia, Symbian, Golfstep, nVidia, Hakon, Castrol, Radio1, Zucotto, TV2, Statoil and Dinamo 

You can see a sample of our work for nVidia here