Plutonium Software’s main business area is entertainment, and in a very broad sense of the word

By using our unique understanding of the end-user’s behavior and of the needs of the wireless and online entertainment market, we can help you maximize your business objectives.

We offer professional entertainment consulting to help you with:

  • Design and implementation of customized wireless and online entertainment
  • Concept development and idea generation
  • Promotion of new products
  • Branding
  • Targeted advertising

We provide customized entertainment for wireless devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, and also for the Internet and interactive TV. As we cover so many platforms, we can make them work together in broader entertainment solutions, as we believe this is where the market is heading. An example is a web based game with a strong connection into mobile SMS, to allow for new and interesting entertainment systems and also makes pay-per-play solutions possible.

Customized Entertainment

We have developed an innovative and cutting edge game operating system, and a mature component library which significantly reduces time-to-market and overall cost, on both online and wireless platforms.

The various pre-made modules can easily be merged together to form new cutting edge and extremely stable entertainment solutions.

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We also have many pre-made games available for licensing and customization.

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Concept Development

Entertainment will give a tremendous boost in even the strangest areas, and we have a long experience in utilizing this powerful tool in a wide variety of ways. [forms of entertainment]

We can help you find the entertainment solutions that are optimal for your goals. We can help you make many types of concepts for many kinds of platforms, also integrated solutions that spans over multiple platforms.

Concepts involving both a mobile and an online strategy are our expertise, everything from SMS, WAP and online games can be melted into one concept for maximum impact on the market.

Our in-house crew has cutting edge programming skills that will take your new product to the limit and beyond.  Intelligently designed entertainment is perfect for promoting and selling your product, and will also help build, increase and keep a satisfied customer base.

For a real world example of how entertainment can be used in a wide variety of ways, please have a look at a case study of our upcoming golf game.

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