Looking for ways to boost page hits, ratings, education level, flow of information, shopping revenues, or advertising impact towards your customers? 

Our products will help you to do all that, and more!

Games and entertainment have proven to be extremely powerful tools to reach the consumer. We can provide everything from interactive banner games to much broader entertainment solutions that cover multiple platforms. [forms of entertainment]

A carefully planned entertainment solution opens up awareness and provides positive associations to your product or brand in a whole new way compared to traditional methods. We have witnessed amazing results with our ways of communicating to the consumer! [showcase]


Wireless Entertainment
Wireless entertainment will help you reach people wherever they are. We specialize in cutting edge Java (J2ME / MIDP) games, and can also provide more old fashioned WAP and SMS based entertainment. We can also integrate mobile solutions together with web based solutions, to give you a full impact on the market

These are the wireless games we have already produced. Contact us for more info about licensing. We can also make customized or brand new games for any mobile platform.

XMedia brings movies and slideshows to life on even the smallest of mobile phones. What was previously only available on desktop PCs, we have taken to the wireless world.
Atomic MIDP 3D engine
We have developed a cutting edge 3D engine capable of running on any J2ME enabled device. The engine is especially optimized to allow for real time 3D on wireless devices, and makes a wide range of entertainment software possible.
Atomic Boulder 2
Atomic Boulder 2 is a sequel to the action-strategy success Atomic Boulder, and is one of the first titles to feature X-Pay. Contains completely re-designed graphics, new levels, scarier monsters, as well as many new obstacles and puzzles to solve. [more]
Atomic Space Rocks
A beautiful and revolutionary action title that almost promotes itself. Challenging and fun right from takeoff with unique state of the art 3D rendering engine. Scales smoothly to fit any display. [more]
Atomic Galaxa
This is a true classic now available on mobile units. Lots of aliens and tons of powerups will give players hours of adrenaline pumping action. Almost identical to the Web version! [more]
Atomic Invaders
A wonderful remake of a classic title. Scales to fit any display size, and players may rotate the game 90, 180 or 270 degrees to suit any preferences! [more]
Atomic Boulder
Highly successful and addictive action-strategy game. Fly balloons, set off chain- reactions of bombs, and bully strange creatures around in this top selling hit game! [more]
Atomic Copter Cave
Simplistic but addictive game. Puts the player in control of a helicopter flying deep into hostile caves. Perfect for the bus home from work. [more]
Atomic Drop Zone
Atomic Drop Zone is a very popular puzzle game which, despite its simplicity, has great depth. Combine similar blocks in groups of four to blast them and score points. Scales smoothly to fit any screen size perfectly! [more]
Atomic Goldrush
Classic game blending action and mind puzzling strategy together. Never before has easy gameplay provided more depth. Will last for hours and hours. [more]
Atomic Bamm!
Fast thinking and a clear mind are the right tools for success in this fascinating action puzzle game. [more]
Atomic Gravity
This classic game puts the player in the driver seat of a moon landing ship. Visit the entire solar system, landing on real moons having their real gravity pull! Intelligent auto-zoom makes this game a winner on all screen sizes! [more]
Atomic Rocky
Action-strategy title that grabs hold of the player from the very beginning. Pay attention, be offensive, or suffer the consequences! Unlimited number of levels, bad bad enemies, cool bonuses, great fun! [more]

Online Entertainment

Plutonium Software has produced a number of successful titles.  Most of them are available for licensing and customization. We are also capable of making entirely new games very fast by using our sophisticated library of pre-made game modules. Contact us for more info about licensing.

Single Player Games

Single player games are played solo. While you are playing you can still get chat requests or challenges from other players, and you can still compete with others through the global highscore table.

Burning Metal 3D
The objective of the game is not only to drive fast, but also to get rid of the nasty criminals using all means necessary.
This very popular racing game uses a state-of-the-art, high performance 3D engine.  It received the prestigious JARS 1% award with 991 out of 1000 points. [play at Minatrix]
Chomper Girl
This is a very true version of the ever popular game Ms. Pacman. It has a lot of fans over the world, and this one has been rated as being the most accurate web version ever. [play at Minatrix]
A classic arcade shoot-em-up game. This game is very popular and is based on elements from an all time classic game called Galaga. The game consists of huge amounts of special effects and action. [play at Minatrix]
Another Tetris based game, however this one follows an entirely different set of rules. This is a very popular game. [play at Minatrix]
This game is a puzzle game where the purpose is to place the pieces in a picture together again in the shortest amount of time. An excellent game for advertisement, as the pictures themselves can contain advertisements. [play]
This is an enhanced version of the old classic game Tetris, with music, special effects and many bonus elements not found in the original game. [play]

Two Player Games

The games in this section are two- or multiplayer games. This means they are played with a real human opponent. During playing you can chat with the other player, you can send sound effects to him, you will have a rating based on how well you perform over time, you can arrange tournaments in these games etc. There are many features in these games that are inherited automatically from the Minatrix system.

Minatrix Backgammon
This is a digital remake of the original Backgammon game, featuring many interesting features not found in any other digital Backgammon game today. You can for example pick up the dices, shake them and roll them just as in real life. The graphics is photorealistic with realtime shadows and a very intuitive user interface. [play at Minatrix]
Minatrix Darts
This game is a copy of the real world darts game. Playing it is very simple, the mouse is used the same way as a dart arrow would be. Just pull your mouse backwards, and “throw” it forwards. When you release the mousebutton you will also release the arrow. And it will hopefully hit your target. [play at Minatrix]
Minatrix Pool
One of our most popular two player games. This is Pool as realistic as it can be on the web. Based on photorealistic real-time 3D and a very sophisticated physics engine, you can even add spin to the ball and perform amazing trick shots. [play at Minatrix]
Connect four
This game is a copy of the real world connect four game. This is a game that is very easy to play, but hard to master and involves some deep thinking and strategy. The graphics here is based on real-life photos, and the game graphics is added using special “blue screen” programming techniques. [play at Minatrix]
Castrol Racing 2
This game is based on the real world rally races, and features a very sophisticated outdoor 3D setting and sophisticated physics engine. This game is easy to get into, but hard to master as it involves real world physics, and you have to master jumps, sharp turns, slides etc.
Minatrix Golf
An ultra realistic golf game, this is one of the most advanced games we have, currently under construction.

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We can make use of our advanced game libraries to make any kind of custom utilities for use on the web. Everything from 3D presentations to advanced community solutions.
This is a very popular and powerful utility that will make your visitors able to dive into any ordinary jpeg or gif image in realtime! You can zoom in very far into the image without any pixelation at all, and it is extremely easy to use. [try now]