Jute Textile Products Information

Textile industries have captured the entire world in a unique way. Everyone would be able to guess why. This is because it offers the great variety of fabric which is to be used on daily basis being it in different varieties.


Jute, the ‘Golden fiber’ as commonly known, is the second most important fiber for textile industries after cotton!! Because of its cheap pricing and eco-friendly attributes.

High moisture absorption capacity, flexibility and drainage properties are the features characterizing jute as an eco-friendly textile fiber and so jute products are considered as ecologically acceptable by the environmentalists. Advantages enjoyed by jute products over other fibers are abundant availability and bio-degradable properties.

For centuries jute has been associated with flexible agricultural and industrial packaging, jute sacks, shopping bags and coarse door mats and jute products. Jute jewelries, jute apparels, jute wall hangings were out of human range of imagination then. But in today’s date multiple and versatile jute products are creating a global market, resurrecting after it lost to synthetic packaging during the 1970s.

The increasing popularity of the jute textile products is basically for its low cost which makes it easily accessible to the poor citizenry. The low price, however, never compromises with quality and fashion. Top jute textile product manufacturers like bestjute and others try their best to produce best jute products from their end.


An art that stretches back to antiquity, designers use many types of techniques while making embroidered bags. Embroidered handmade bags may include stitches such as running stitch, back stitch, stem stitch, feather stitch, interlacing stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch etc. Embroidered tote bags exists in exquisite variations and vibrant colors, and have a unique style.

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