Homemade Solar powered energy

In this time of high cost electric energy, having your own homemade solar powered energy can be beneficial especially, because solar technology is at no cost and rich in supply.

Continue reading, because i will discuss several advantages and disadvantages of solar powered energy and at a later date we will tell tips on how to create your own electricity for your price less than $500.

Solar Power

Advantages Of Solar Power

– What I like about solar energy is that it is just a renewable method of obtaining energy, irrespective of how much you have it. You might always find an abundance of it as long as the sun is up. So you can utilize it over and over again without need to worry it will diminish.

– It doesn’t produce pollution, unlike another sources of energy pollute all sorts incurring climate change to our world.

– Low maintenance cost. Homemade solar power equipment needs a very low maintenance cost and will last for forever. Unlike any other generators you could just need to check it annually and it is perfectly fine.

Disadvantages Of Homemade Solar energy

– Unfortunately, solar technology cannot be generated without sunlight; some areas have this sort of bad weather until they’ve only sunlight few points in the year.

– Predesigned solar panel systems continue to be too expensive since they will be not manufactured in large quantities knowning that could put people off.

Ways to Produce Your own personal Solar Power

Buying homemade a solar panel is not cheap and may cost you thousands of dollars, however you can make your own solar power equipment for just $500. You can find just about all the necessary equipments your local electric store.

Many of the necessary equipments are small solar power, deep cycle 12 volt battery, box for defense against children or animal, 12 volt DC meter and DC input.

Michael Harvey has written a guide on how to build your solar generator yourself that are cheaper than $200.

In order to learn how to generate your individual solar power yourself, check out Michael Harvey Earth4Energy guide. Learn how to build your own homemade solar cell inside my blog today.

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